Quarter Life Crazy

Chasing Dreams & Corey

December 01, 2020 Amy Season 2 Episode 1
Quarter Life Crazy
Chasing Dreams & Corey
Show Notes

“The most meaningful thing you can do for someone is give them back a feeling they thought they’d lost...”

Corey Iris is a creator of great music. At the age of 27 not only is he wise, talented and a ball of light, Corey has big ideas on life. We discuss chasing dreams, from being 5 years old and his mum buying a boom box and listening to Michael Jackson to refusing to ever eat the English delicacy marmite ever again... In this episode we dive into the fear of failing, redefining mistakes and when the universe comes calling for our unique genius, not to mention Corey’s made up word exampidy!

What an amazing guest speaker to get us started on Season 2 or Quarter Life Crazy!

“The mistake is a learning experience. The mistakes is an asset. The mistake becomes data...”

Corey latest single ‘Feeling and Flights’ is available on all music streaming platforms. Link for Apple Music or Spotify below.